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Cloud ERP is a type of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that is hosted on a cloud computing platform, rather than on premises within an enterprise's own data center. ... Cloud-based ERP also comes with availability, backup and disaster recovery plans from providers to reduce interruptions to the software

A cloud application, or cloud app, is a software program where cloud-based and local components work together. This model relies on remote servers for processing logic that is accessed through a web browser with a continual internet connection.

School  software in pakistan

Our Mission

We are Comitted for quality and services. We delivers integrated technology ideations through best development and accurate project management process. We are here for grow the India economically and socially. We are available for convert your small dreams to huge global market.

School  software in pakistan

Why Choose Us

Smart Development

We designs & Develops smart, Responsive Websites and Android Apps !

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Customer Satisfaction

We are here to satisfy the customers and develop smart products !

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qualified teachers

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Scheduled Works

We schedules the jobs and work on time for our great customers !

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Smart Delivery

We Delivers the products on sharp delivery time to the customer !.

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Data Security And Backup

A web based service saves data on cloud instead of saving it on decentralized databases hence, the data can be retrieved easily. Backup of data is automatic and the school doesn’t have to invest in hardware to store data.

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School erp system in pakistan
Institute Event/Calendar

institute’s schedule can be maintained in School Erp Pakistan calendar, where the students, parents and employees can check the upcoming events, examinations, fees dues and plan accordingly

School erp system in pakistan
Student Information

The administration can view the student details based on the batches /sections
student Profile can be checked for fees, assigned activities daily remarks, attendance, etc.
Archived/Graduated students can be searched for fetching records
Administrator can filter the data based on the search criteria and generate required student reports

School erp system in pakistan
School Bus Tracking System

School Bus Tracking System also provides better communication with school transport drivers and school administrator, they are able to get an instant location of their school vehicle ,can receive instant notification, climate condition report so that they can handle any emergency situation. Transport management module manages other details like vehicle details, driver information,